NHS Faculty

Name Email Research 
Mohammed K. Ali mkali@emory.edu  Diabetes, Global Health and Cardiovascular Disease.
Jessica A. Alvarez jessica.alvarez@emory.edu Clinical nutrition, metabolism, chronic disease
Frank Anania fanania@emory.edu  Fatty liver; cholesterol; obesity
George Richard Beck gbeck2@emory.edu  Cellular response to changes in inorganic phosphate and how these changes alter disease progression, with a focus on cancer and bone metabolism.
Roberd Bostick rmbosti@emory.edu  Understanding the etiology and primary prevention of colon and prostate cancer.
Lou Ann S. Brown lbrow03@emory.edu  Impact of chronic oxidative stress (adult and fetal) on pulmonary cellular phenotype and function.
Peter J. Brown antpjb@emory.edu  Cultural factors in obesity and physical activity; global health
Solveig A. Cunningham sargese@emory.edu  Child and adolescent health; unhealthy weight; obesity; social contexts
Veronika ("Nika") Fedirko vfedirk@emory.edu  Molecular biomarkers of carcinogenesis, including genetic and metabolic biomarkers; colon and liver cancer etiology and survival; diet and nutrition in primary prevention of cancer
Rafael Flores rafael.floresayala@cdc.hhs.gov 
Janet E. Fulton jkf2@cdc.gov  Epidemiology of physical activity and chronic diseases.
Amy Webb Girard awebb3@emory.edu  Maternal and child health in resource poor settings, specifically in the areas of infant and young child feeding. 
Michael Goodman mgoodm2@emory.edu  The roles of diet, inflammation and oxidative stress as determinants of cancer risk and prognosis.
Diane Marie Harris dmharris@cdc.gov  Implementation of public health strategies to create healthy food environments, particularly those that promote fruit and vegetable intake for children.
Terryl J. Hartman terryl.johnson.hartman@emory.edu  The role of nutirtion in the etiology and prevention of chronic diseases, especially cancer.
Dean P. Jones dpjones@emory.edu  Diet and cancer; antioxidants and aging.
Joseph Kinkade joseph.kinkade@emory.edu 
Elena Victorovna Kuklina elena.kuklina@cdc.hhs.gov  a) Reduction and control of abnormal lipid levels in the U.S. population; b) The national saly reduction initiative; and c) Surveillance of cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications.
Michelle Lampl mlampl@emory.edu  Human growth and development, nutrition and eating disorders
Michele Marcus mmarcus@emory.edu  Reproductive epidemiology; environmental and occupational epidemiology;
Reynaldo Martorell rmart77@emory.edu  Human nutrition.
Marjorie L. McCullough marjorie.l.mccullough@emory.edu  Diet and cancer prevention, primarily gastrointestinal cancers; diet assessment methods.
Alfred Merrill al.merrill@biology.gatech.edu  Sphingolipids; mass spectrometry
Heidi L. Michels-Blanck HBlanck@cdc.gov  Weight control practices; fruit and vegetable consumption; hemochromatosis.
KM Venkat M Narayan knaraya@emory.edu  Diabetes and noncommunicable diseases epidemilogy, prevention, and public health, and global health policy.
Helena Pachon helena.pachon@emory.edu  My research interests are in two main areas: food-based approaches to address malnutrition, and infant and young child nutrition.  
Cria Gregory Perrine cperrine@cdc.gov  Nutritional epidemiology; global health; maternal, infant and young child nutrition; malnutrition; diet quality; obesity and cardio-metabolic disease.
Lawrence S. Phillips medlsp@emory.edu  Proteomics; insulin secretion and sensitivity; epidemiology; medical economics; improvement of health care; detecting diabetes pathophysiology early.
Michael Pratt mpratt@cdc.gov  The economics of physical activity and health including costs of inactivity and cost effectiveness of physical activity interventions.
S. Russ Price russ.price@emory.edu  Signaling pathways that regulate skeletal muscle mass during chronic illnesses like diabetes and renal failure.
Usha Ramakrishnan uramakr@emory.edu  Maternal and child nutrition, micronutrient malnutrition, nutrition assessment.
Mary K. Serdula mks1@cdc.gov  Surveillance of weight control practices and dietary intake; abbreviated methods for assessing dietary intake; health effects of alcohol.
Andrea J. Sharma AJSharma@cdc.gov  The long-term consequences of nutritional exposures early in life.
Karen Siegel krsiege@emory.edu  Diabetes/chronic disease, global ehalth, food and agricultural policy
Rani H. Singh rsingh@emory.edu  Clinical nutrition in the area of inborn errors of metabolism.
Aryeh D. Stein aryeh.stein@emory.edu  Methods in dietary assessment; childhood and prenatal influences on chronic disease risk; cardiovascular disease epidemiology.
Victoria L. Stevens Victoria.Stevens@cancer.org  Cancer prevention, molecular epidemiology, obesity
Parminder S. Suchdev parminder.suchdev@emory.edu  Micronutrient interventions, in particular home fortification of complementary foods; iron and anemia; global health education.
Vin Tangpricha vtangpr@emory.edu  Vitamin D nutrition in chronic kidney disease, cystic fibrosis and infectious diseases.
Paige E. Tolbert ptolber@emory.edu  Environmental epidemiology; air pollution health effects.
Viola Vaccarino viola.vaccarino@emory.edu  Cardiovascular disease epidemiology.
Miriam B. Vos mvos@emory.edu  Our studies investigate the role of nutrition in the development and treatment of pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and childhood obesity.  
Mary Beth Weber mbweber@emory.edu  Preventing type 2 diabetes and related cardiometabolic conditions by understanding and modifying factors like diet and physical activity.
M. Neale Weitzmann mweitzm@emory.edu  Physiological and pathological bone turnover mechanisms by which nutritional factors such as vitamin K and vitamin D impact the skeleton.
Jean Ann Welsh jean.a.welsh@emory.edu  The impact of dietary patterns established in childhood on obesity and chronic disease risk; community and health care strategies to reduce risk. 
Mark E. Wilson mark.wilson@emory.edu  Neurobiology of puberty; regulation of appetite and risk for obesity; adverse consequences of social stress.
Carol M. Worthman worthman@emory.edu  Community preventive health.
Melissa Young melissa.young@emory.edu  Global health; maternal and child health; nutrition
Chris Yun ccyun@emory.edu  Role of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) signaling in colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease; cellular signaling regulating Na/H exchangers.
Thomas R. Ziegler tzieg01@emory.edu  Clinical, metabolic and molecular effects of specialized parenteral and enteral nutrition in catabolic states.